Since the company started over 60 years ago we have supplied to all aspects of the Scientific Lab industry. We supply a host of tubes/profiles & bungs to suit all needs.  A lot of our products also make their way into schools and colleges such as our Bunsen burner hoses and rubber bungs.


Cork Stoppers – Mostly used in the Wine Industry as bungs for bottle tops.

Demijohns – Used for brewing and home brewing.

Dropper Teats (Latex).

PVC Tubing (Reinforced & Unreinforced).

Rubber Bungs – Natural/Neoprene® or Silicone (Silicone is the only one that is FDA Compliant).

Rubber Tubing – Natural/Neoprene® or Platinum Cured Silicone (Silicone FDA Compliant).


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